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How to prepare for RAGBRAI 2023


  What A Wacky Wednesday it will be!
       How to prepare for RAGBRAI 2023

  • R-38 South from Ames, Main Street, Story Street and Highway 210 west of
    Casey’s to Madrid will be closed for the Day (Wednesday, July 26th) We expect the first riders as early as 5:30 am.


  • All vehicles will need to be moved off of Main Street and Story Street by 5pm on Tuesday July 25th till 5pm on Wednesday July 26th. Please plan accordingly as this may interfere with your normal routine. Things to think about: Time added to commute, where to park night before and when to get groceries
    or check your mail.


  • Don’t mind a crowd? Then plan to enjoy the sights and sounds of this unprecedented event! And don’t forget your camera! The City and the Building Committee for the new Slater Library and Community Center has been hard at work putting together a Dr. Seuss Extravaganza for RAGBRAI riders and Slater residents to enjoy. We have several photo opportunities, and will be selling custom water bottle stickers and raffling an original RAGBRAI themed drawing with all proceeds going towards the building project. Many of our local businesses and organizations have planned their own unique and inventive events and treats as well. Food trucks of all types will be serving all manner of breakfast items. See the map for more details.