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Get the information you want by following the City of Slater on Facebook HERE. Get the latest weather related info (pool closings, branch trimming, snow removal), events (lessons, contests, celebrations) and so much more!

  • pay water bill online HERE

Slater Water Report CCR2021

Make sure you have the proper permits. Permits may be requested at City Hall.
A few examples where permits are need but not limited to:
garages, additions ,electrical, plumbing, fencing, sheds and decks.
Permits can be picked up at City Hall or located under the how do I tab.

  • BUILDING/TRADE PERMITS may be paid HERE Please enter permit number and address listed on the permit.

  In an Emergency, Could we reach you?

  • HEY!!!  In an EMERGENCY, could we reach you???  City staff has completed training so that we can send out “reverse 911” notifications.  If you have a land-line listed in the phone book, you are already enrolled unless you have the telemarketer block feature through Huxley Communications.  The “dial 1” feature makes those lines not work with the emergency notification system.  If you have the block you will need to register another number.  Residents with mobile phones only will also need to register those numbers to receive emergency notifications.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!!  We can’t help keep you safe, should an emergency arise, if we can’t contact you.  Help us, help you!!  Click HERE to sign up!  Need help?    Notifications will be for emergencies only at this time and could include water issues or boil orders, chemical spills, etc.  We will NOT be sending severe weather information.
  • Emergency alert sign up

Mosquito Spraying

We have had a few questions about the mosquito fogging. Last year the sparying was done with a thermal fogger. This year it is cold fog sprayer. The cold fog is the same concentration or higher of the same mosquito killing chemical as the thermal (hot) fog, but does not produce as much of a visable “cloud”. Below are details about each type of spraying.

Thermal Fogging
A thermal fogger is appropriately named since it is a device that uses heat to produce a fog without degrading the active ingredient. A thermal fogger produces a range of droplet sizes including a large number of very small droplets. The large number of very small droplets produced in a thermally generated fog also make the fog highly visible. If the evening air is cool in contrast to the mist, the thermal fog also be even more visable.

Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV) Cold Fog
A ULV sprayer generates fog droplets by using a high volume of air at low pressure. Such a system enables droplets of a more precise size to be generated. ULV sprayers can dispense formulations in a more concentrated form since less diluent is required. Also, the ability to be able to calibrate the machine to produce droplets of the optimum size for the type of chemical being used make ULV spraying the method of choice whenever possible.